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ABB RobotStudio Adds Real-Time Collaboration
ABB RobotStudio Adds Real-Time Collaboration ABB says its new RobotStudio Cloud is designed to enable individuals and teams to collaborate in real-time on robot cell designs, regardless of the device used to access the software. More specifically, this new capability in RobotStudio enables system integrators and engineering teams to design, develop and enhance robotic automation applications. New features in RobotStudio Cloud include version control, which allows users to keep track of changes and have full transparency of any amendments. ABB says, with complete knowledge of who edited the program and when, developers can cut the time needed to resolve errors and performance issues. The company adds that use of RobotStudio’s cloud-based virtual controllers produces an exact digital twin to give developers confidence that—once installed in the real world—the robot will move as precisely as in the simulation. ABB says this digital twin capability allows for the fine-tuning and optimization that can help minimize waste or problems when production begins. Show more  products ALLEN-BRADLEY 1746-HSCE EMERSON KJ3002X1-BG2 12P1731X032 VE4003S5B1 ALLEN-BRADLEY 1746-HSRV EMERSON KJ3002X1-BG2 12P1731X062 ALLEN-BRADLEY 1746-HT EMERSON KJ3002X1-BG2 12P1731X082  VE4003S5B1 ALLEN-BRADLEY 1746-IA16 EMERSON KJ3007X1-EA1 12P2413X032 ALLEN-BRADLEY 1746-IA8 EMERSON KJ3101X1-BA1 12P1865X062 ALLEN-BRADLEY 1746-IB32 EMERSON KJ3101X1-BA1 12P1865X062  VE4011B1 ALLEN-BRADLEY 1746-IC16 EMERSON KJ3101X1-BB1 12P1866X072  VE3006 ALLEN-BRADLEY 1746-IH16 EMERSON KJ3102X1-BA1 12P1863X082  VE4012S2B2 ALLEN-BRADLEY 1746-IM8 EMERSON KJ3201X1-BA1 12P2535X042 VE4001S2T2B2 ALLEN-BRADLEY 1746-IN16 EMERSON KJ3201X1-BA1 12P2535X052 BENTLY NEVADA 330104-00-22-10-02-05 HONEYWELL CC-PAOH01 51405039-175 BENTLY NEVADA 330104-00-24-10-02-00 HONEYWELL CC-PAOX01 51405039-275 BENTLY NEVADA 330104-00-25-10-02-05 HONEYWELL CC-PAOX01 51405039-275 BENTLY NEVADA 330104-01-05-10-02-00 HONEYWELL CC-PCF901 51405047-175 BENTLY NEVADA 330104-01-06-10-02-00 HONEYWELL CC-PCF901 51405047-176 BENTLY NEVADA 330104-03-06-05-02-00 HONEYWELL CC-PCNT01 51405046-175 BENTLY NEVADA 330104-03-06-10-02-00 HONEYWELL CC-PCNT02 51454551-275 BENTLY NEVADA 330104-05-13-10-02-00 HONEYWELL CC-PDIL01 51405040-176 BENTLY NEVADA 330104-05-15-05-02-00 HONEYWELL CC-PDOB01  51405043-175 BENTLY NEVADA 330104-13-20-10-02-00 HONEYWELL CC-PDOB01 51405043-175 Contact Us-For Any Further Questions Email:sales11@amikon.cn Whatsapp: +8618030175807
Apr 12, 2023
Rockwell Automation establishes a strategic partnership with EasyCarbon
The reporter learned from Rockwell Automation that recently,Rockwell Automation (China) Co., Ltd.andShanghai Yichan Digital Technology Co.,Ltd.held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony. The two sides will jointly establish a stable and effective strategic partnership in the fields of nonferrous metals,mining metallurgy,petrochemical industry automation and information technology. As one of the world's leading enterprises in the field of industrial automation,informatization and digital transformation, Rockwell Automation occupies a core position in the fields of industrial automation power,control and information technology solutions.EasyCarbon Digital has the core algorithm of life cycle assessment based on international certification.It has independently developed an intelligent cloud computing platform that serves the data related to carbon assets and LCA environmental impact factors of industrial manufacturing and ecological enterprises.It has successfully provided carbon data precise quantification and one-stop "double carbon" comprehensive solution for many industrial manufacturing enterprises such as electric power, steel, non-ferrous metals, mining, building materials, chemical industry, metal processing, etc. In the future,Rockwell Automation will continue to build a new energy development system, promote scientific and technological innovation and green and low-carbon transformation,and jointly create a green and intelligent new world with its IT/OT integration expertise and practical experience in all walks of life.Under the wave of digital transformation,Rockwell Automation will continue to contribute"digital intelligence"to the promotion of the digital low-carbon transformation of industrial manufacturing and the construction of a sustainable development path of Chinese society by combining with Shanghai E-Carbon Digital Technology. Frequently Asked Questions ❐ No.1:Can I pay the deposit at first if I buy many goods? After receive your deposit,we will ask the warehouse to start arrange the goods for you. ❐ No.2:Can I get any discount? The price is negotiable,and we will give you the right price according to your order quantity. ❐ No.3:How much should I pay for shipping costs? It depends on the weight of the goods and the choice of express and destination. Contact us now Manager Email Whatsapp Ricardo Zhang sales1@amikon.cn +86-18030132586 Show more AB products 1.1203-GD1 1203GD1   AB 1203GD1 1203-GD1 REMOTE I/O 1203-GD1 PDF   Allen Bradley 1203-GD1 2.1203-GU6 1203GU6 1203-GU6 PDF Allen Bradley 1203-GU6 1203-GU6 ENHANCED DEVICENET 3.1734-OB4 1734OB4 1734-OB4 PDF 1734-OB4 OUTPUT MODULE     Rockwell 1734-OB4 4.1745-E102    1745-E102   1745E102  EXPANSION UNIT 1745-E102  PDF Rockwell 1745E102 5.1746-IA16 1746IA16 1746-IA16 PDF 1746IA16 INPUT MODULE  AB 1746-IA16 Rockwell 1746IA16 You May Be Interested In SIEMENS 6ES7195-7HD10-0XA0 HONEYWELL CC-PAIH01 51405038-175 S...
Mar 15, 2023
Abb Launches The Swifti Crb 1300 Collaborative Robot
Recently, ABB launched a new type of automation equipment - SWIFTI CRB 1300. Not only can it load objects up to 11kg, it can also be used in various production and product handling applications, such as palletizing and pick and pick-and-place. Features ensure safe deployment alongside workers and ease of use for non-robotics specialists Available in three payload variants: 7 kg (15.4 lb), 10 kg (22 lb), 11 kg (24.3 lb) Reach between 900 mm (35.4″) to 1400 mm (55.1″) IP67 variant available for use in dusty, high moisture environments A top speed of 6.2 m/s (20.3 ft/sec) Repeatability of ±0.01 mm (±0.0004″) Featuring a high_quality design, backed by expert support, ABB’s SWIFTI CRB 1300 incorporates several features that can improve production efficiency by up to 44% compared to other cobots in its class. With protection against dust and moisture (up to IP67), it can also be used in demanding environments, making it ideal for machine tending applications. The SWIFTI CRB 1300 prioritizes operator safety, with a safety laser scanner integrated with ABB’s SafeMove collaborative safety software. If the laser scanner detects a worker within SWIFTI’s operating area, ABB’s SafeMove software will automatically slow the robot or stop it completely. As the worker moves away, movement will be restored, returning to full speed for full productivity only once the working area is completely clear. Integrating the scanner and software is simple, with SafeMove’s software add-ins enabling workers to quickly set up a safe working zone and other safety features using their handheld FlexPendant operating unit. The happy Chinese Spring Festival is over. We have resumed normal work now, and we can respond to your d...
Feb 01, 2023

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