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Universal Robots Integrates SRCI for PLC Programming of Robots
Universal Robots Integrates SRCI for PLC Programming of Robots Universal Robots (UR), a supplier of collaborative robots (cobots), has now integrated the Standard Robot Command Interface (SRCI) into its software. UR said it is among the first cobot vendors to offer this functionality. The SRCI is a new standard for robotics manufacturers that aims to create a single interface between PLCs and robots. The full integration of SRCI into UR’s software will reportedly enhance the connectivity capabilities of UR’s cobots and ensure customers a frictionless integration with Siemens PLCs (programmable logic controllers). Siemens is the first—and currently only—PLC vendor supporting SRCI in the automation market, according to UR. The SRCI is available for UR’s e-Series family and the next-generation robots UR20 and UR30. It can be installed and activated with PolyScope version 5.15 or higher via add-on URcap software. The uniform cross-manufacturer data interface of the SRCI makes robot implementation interoperable by standardizing definitions and robot commands between UR cobots and Siemens PLCs. UR said this allows for easier and quicker setup and simplifies the deployment of UR robots into existing and new Siemens ecosystem-based production lines. Popular products ABB BENTLY NEVADA SIEMENS HONEYWELL DI620 3BHT300002R1 3500/42M 140734-02 6DD1600-0AH0 10006/2/1 DI650 3BHT300025R1 3500/42M 140734-02 6DD1600-0AK0 10012/1/2 DI685 3BDS005833R1 3500/42M 176449-02 6DD1606-1AA0 10014/1/1 DI801 3BSE020508R1 3500/42M 176449-02 6DD1606-2AC0 10014/F/F DI803 3BSE022362R1 3500/42M 176449-02 6DD1606-3AC0 10014/H/F DI811 3BSE008552R1 3500/44M 176449-03 6DP1210-8BC 51201557-150 DI814 3BUR001454R1 9200-02-01-10-00 6DP1310-8AA 51202324-100 DI821 3BSE008550R1 9200-06-05-05-00 6DP1360-8BA 51202324-300 DO610 3BHT300006R1 990-04-50-01-00 6DP1531-8AA 51202329-102 DO620 3BHT300009R1 990-04-50-01-00 6DP1614-8BB 51202329-112 DO630  3BHT300007R1 990-04-70-01-00 6DP1616-8CA 51202329-212 DO630 3BHT300007R1 990-04-70-01-00 6DP1641-8AA 51202329-402 Contact Us:sales11@amikon.cn
May 25, 2024
Siemens presents investment strategy for future growth, innovation and resilience.
Siemens presents investment strategy for future growth, innovation and resilience About siemens Siemens AG is a multinational company in Germany. Its electronic and electrical products are global industry pioneers and are active in the fields of energy, medical care, industry, infrastructure and urban business. Founded by Werner von Siemens in 1847, Siemens is headquartered in Munich and Berlin, Germany, and is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and the New York Stock Exchange. In mid-June 2023, Siemens proposed to increase strategic investment to promote global development.To foster future growth, drive innovation and build resilience, Siemens has unveiled its investment strategy, which includes EUR 2 billion, mainly for new manufacturing capabilities as well as innovation laboratories, education centers and other own premises. Siemens today announced a new high-tech factory in Singapore to serve the booming Southeast Asian market. We will provide you with more high-quality products such as Siemens. We show you more products SIEMENS ABB HONEYWELL 6ES7195-1GG30-0X 3BHB003041R0101 UFC719AE101 8C-PAONA1 51454469-175 6ES7153-2BA10-0XB 3BHB003041R0101 UFC719AE01 8C-TAOXA1 51307135-175 6ES7321-1BH02-0AA 3BHE023784R2630 PPD113 B01-26-111000 MC-TAMR04 51305907-175 6ES7400-2JA00-0AA 3BHE032025R0101 PCD235 A101 51202329-200 You can contact us if you have any questions:sales6@amikon.cn
Jun 15, 2023
ABB RobotStudio Adds Real-Time Collaboration
ABB RobotStudio Adds Real-Time Collaboration ABB says its new RobotStudio Cloud is designed to enable individuals and teams to collaborate in real-time on robot cell designs, regardless of the device used to access the software. More specifically, this new capability in RobotStudio enables system integrators and engineering teams to design, develop and enhance robotic automation applications. New features in RobotStudio Cloud include version control, which allows users to keep track of changes and have full transparency of any amendments. ABB says, with complete knowledge of who edited the program and when, developers can cut the time needed to resolve errors and performance issues. The company adds that use of RobotStudio’s cloud-based virtual controllers produces an exact digital twin to give developers confidence that—once installed in the real world—the robot will move as precisely as in the simulation. ABB says this digital twin capability allows for the fine-tuning and optimization that can help minimize waste or problems when production begins. Show more  products 1746-HSCE EMERSON KJ3002X1-BG2 12P1731X032 VE4003S5B1 1746-HSRV EMERSON KJ3002X1-BG2 12P1731X062 1746-HT EMERSON KJ3002X1-BG2 12P1731X082  VE4003S5B1 1746-IA16 EMERSON KJ3007X1-EA1 12P2413X032 1746-IA8 EMERSON KJ3101X1-BA1 12P1865X062 1746-IB32 EMERSON KJ3101X1-BA1 12P1865X062  VE4011B1 1746-IC16 EMERSON KJ3101X1-BB1 12P1866X072  VE3006 1746-IH16 EMERSON KJ3102X1-BA1 12P1863X082  VE4012S2B2 1746-IM8 EMERSON KJ3201X1-BA1 12P2535X042 VE4001S2T2B2 1746-IN16 EMERSON KJ3201X1-BA1 12P2535X052 BENTLY NEVADA 330104-00-22-10-02-05 HONEYWELL CC-PAOH01 51405039-175 BENTLY NEVADA 330104-00-24-10-02-00 HONEYWELL CC-PAOX01 51405039-275 BENTLY NEVADA 330104-00-25-10-02-05 HONEYWELL CC-PAOX01 51405039-275 BENTLY NEVADA 330104-01-05-10-02-00 HONEYWELL CC-PCF901 51405047-175 BENTLY NEVADA 330104-01-06-10-02-00 HONEYWELL CC-PCF901 51405047-176 BENTLY NEVADA 330104-03-06-05-02-00 HONEYWELL CC-PCNT01 51405046-175 BENTLY NEVADA 330104-03-06-10-02-00 HONEYWELL CC-PCNT02 51454551-275 BENTLY NEVADA 330104-05-13-10-02-00 HONEYWELL CC-PDIL01 51405040-176 BENTLY NEVADA 330104-05-15-05-02-00 HONEYWELL CC-PDOB01  51405043-175 BENTLY NEVADA 330104-13-20-10-02-00 HONEYWELL CC-PDOB01 51405043-175 Contact Us-For Any Further Questions Email:sales11@amikon.cn Whatsapp: +8618030175807
Apr 12, 2023

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