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The commercial Aerospace & Automotive industry uses advanced technologies to improve efficiency, safety and throughput in manufacturing, welding, material handling and other processes. Companies deploy automation in many forms (—robotics, transportation, automated guided vehicles, artificial intelligence, and machine learning—) to optimize their processes.

Whether you need solutions for drilling, welding, transporting or inspecting parts, automation technology can speed up these processes, increasing accuracy and repeatability. Examples of automation applications include:


Assembly Lines—, Palletizing, Robots and Work Cells

Dispensing systems for adhesives, bonding, spraying and sealing

Material handling components in warehouse


Drilling, bending and fastening metal parts


Reduce labor costs

In several industries, automation can reduce labor requirements. Humans can focus on supervision, while robotic arms can perform manual repetitive tasks. Staff turnover and training staff on new processes is costly. Automated solutions not only complete tasks faster, but also more efficiently and accurately.


Improve health and safety

In these changing times, worker safety and workplace density have become more challenging. By deploying robots, our customers have optimized their assembly lines, cells, and warehouses to be more ergonomic—maintaining space between employees while meeting productivity goals.


Quality improvement

Commercial aerospace automation has a high return on investment due to reduced error and scrap rates. Human error and variability lead to wasted resources and higher cost per part. With vision and inspection automation, companies can complete in-line inspection and improve traceability.


Higher throughput

Automated equipment can increase throughput better than relying on humans alone. Our customers can use monitoring and data acquisition systems to increase the use of existing capital equipment, reduce downtime, and increase production efficiency. For example, our robot designed for automated nut plate assembly can do what five people can.

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